A NEW Wilderness

released February 12, 2021 

Adrian Garcia– Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Organ, Reed Organ, Percussion 
Jack Le Sante– Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Zither, Kalimba, Trumpet 
Keysel Pelaez– Vocals, Autoharp, Clarinet, Ukelele, Mandolin, Percussion 
Steffen Zeichner– Violin 
Antonio Pereira– Bass, Baritone Guitar 
Francisco Lujan– Drums, Percussion 

Additional musicians: 

Emily Afre– Vocals 
David Hidalgo– Double Bass 
Rick Moon– Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Piano Loops, Additional Editing 
Chris Valente- Bass on track 6 
Ryan Hecker– Timpani, Orchestral Bass drum, Other Orchestral Percussion 
Josh Semans– Ondes Martenot 

Mix by Mauricio Cano 
Mastered by Adam Matza Magic Ears Mastering




PANS, consists of Adrian Garcia, Jack Le Sante, & Keysel Peleaz all playing multiple instruments while using live looping to create multilayered, orchestrally inclined indie rock. Also part of the project is multi-instrumentalist David Hidalgo and Five-string Violinist Steffen Zeichner. Together, they continue to create enigmatic music that carries messages of awareness and warning. "The music of PANS reminds listeners of the fragility of life on our planet and the importance of preserving it. They aim to give their listeners feelings of wonder and pondering of the unknown as they create an ethereal atmosphere of sound and light that immerse the senses into a truly mystical experience." After the release of  their debut album "A New Wilderness" in 2021, they are currently working on their next release.




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